#KingME Part 1
We took RA The MC, WordPlay, and Deborah Bond to Arts & Technology Academy PCS for the first installment of King ME.
Countdown to #LadiesFirst
#LadiesFirst is headed to Bethesda Blues & Jazz Theatre this year for the 4th Annual Breakfast!
Welcome to the revolution. It's time to end mediocrity.
Chris created this movement to ensure we practice the change we want to see.

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King ME is more than just a movement. It's a lifestyle we are aiming to portray for young women in the new generation. Be bold enough to claim what's yours. Read more...

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Video of the Week

Deborah Bond, RA the MC, and WordPlay kicked off our first installment of #KingME with the 4th & 5th grade girls at Arts & Technology Academy PCS in Washington, DC.

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Aug 2014
Written by The Affiliates
What is King ME?

#KingME. It's a straightforward way of saying, give me what I deserve. In this case, we are giving women a hard-earned victory.

King ME is about empowerment, conquering fears and doubts. We host round table discussions in local schools for students to interact with successful women that are reigning in their respective fields. The panel comprised of carefully selected emerging entertainment industry players, will pool their expertise to teach young ladies about the power they hold. By presenting the youth with physical career path models, processes, and most importantly the dream, the candid interviews will serve as a light to guide the girls down a better path.  Continue reading

Jul 2014

This week we talked one-on-one with Julian Starks, founder of ARTkids, a program dedicated to providing fun and interactive art education to youth.

Julian Starks - ARTkids

1. What initially sparked your interest in launching ARTkids?

"The idea for ARTkids really originated from my daughter Zoë.  Back when she was only two years old every time that I would start working on a project, drawing or painting she would be right there with a paintbrush or pen helping me.  To this day, every canvas that I paint, she paints the background to all by herself.  So from her interest in ART at a young age I began to teach her techniques to both drawing and painting and the ARTkids seed was planted.  Also with a lot of the public schools cutting back their art and music programs, I really felt that the youth were missing out on something great that could change and improve their lives!  ART has been my voice and my outlet since I was a child and every kid should have a chance to learn about it!" Continue reading

Jul 2014
Written by Courtney

#changeyalives is our flagship service campaign used to bring power back to positive people and movements. We highlight future leaders who use their passion to influence society for the greater good.  These young individuals are the face of a new tomorrow.

Cedric HoardHere's our Q&A with Cedric Hoard:

1. What initially sparked your interest in becoming such a strong voice within your community and beyond?

It is humbling that my voice is considered strong. As a child, my voice was the very thing that I felt hindered me. I have extra tissue underneath my tongue; dentists told me that if I didn’t have surgery I would be tongue tied and have difficulty speaking. I even had to take speech therapy (See my poem, “Consider Me”). I initially discovered my gift and passion for Spoken Word while taking a public speaking class in college (I simply wanted to improve for my own benefit). I was familiar with Spoken Word poetry on YouTube so I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, I was very surprised when I received a big ovation from my class. Continue reading

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